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Year 11 Newsletter


The Year 11 students have hit the ground running at the outset of what is a crucially important academic year for all.

It is obvious that many of the students have used the summer weeks to great effect in consolidating their studies and getting up to date with coursework. With the mock examinations only a matter of  weeks away the students have received guidance on study skills and revising strategies, as well as additional support in after school sessions for a number of subjects. It is very much recommended that all Year 11 students are proactive in utilising such sessions to assist in exam preparation.

Week Without Walls is an excellent opportunity for the Year 11 students to demonstrate leadership, and I am looking forward to hearing of their adventures later in October. On Thursday 21st September all the Year 11 students will attend the University Fair at Discovery College, where institutions from the UK, US, Asia, Canada, Europe and Australia will be present. Hopefully this will assist the Year 11 students in their thoughts of future academic pathways.

Kind regards

Darryl Hood

Science Teacher and Year Group Leader

Discovery Bay International School 

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