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What's been happening in Year 6

Primary Year 6

As we end our first half term, we can reflect on a number of activities to be proud of.

The children have been pushing themselves to achieve their personal best results in all areas of our curriculum. Highlights recently include our our creative arts morning and running for various responsible positives within the student leadership team.

Our Roald Dahl day was punctuated by a highly successful Creative Arts morning where the children collaborated on an engaging performance of Roald Dahl’s famous rhymes. If you can tell us you haven’t heard the phrase “whipped a pistol from her knickers” at least once in the last two weeks, the teaching team will be surprised.

On Friday 15th September the children started considering different reasons why people their age would need to migrate. After a tiring walk up the hill to the lookout point, the children reached the refugee camp where the challenge really began. Here they needed to work together, be resourceful and resilient to set up camp. Children used the skills of diplomacy, haggling and even a little trickery in order to survive. This offered a good opportunity to reflect on situations that other people may need to face in their daily lives. Thank you to all of the adults that helped us on the day!

Throughout the term, children have been offered opportunities to contribute to the student leadership team. From School Councillors, class ambassadors and House Captains, applications have been filled, speeches given and votes cast. There were plenty of chances to consider the skills and traits that are important to develop in order to play our part within the school and the children can stand tall with pride in their efforts this term. 

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