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Year 12 Newsletter

Secondary Year 12
Year 12 students have had a an excellent start to the year, with all of the students setting high standards of what it means to be the ‘big kids’ in school. 
The term started with two days of induction allowing the students to understand the demands of A Level studies and to ensure they are equipped with the tools to lead a balanced lifestyle once the pressure of assessment begins to set in. Parents have also been invited in to hear about the key elements of A Level study and to understand the extensive support that is in place, both academically and holistically. 
The pace of learning has been the biggest learning curve for the students, with the timetable allocation for each subject meaning students see their teachers eight our of the ten timetable days. As a result the pace of curriculum coverage is fast and spending time working away from lessons is proving to be critical to success.
Outside the classroom it has been exciting to see many firsts for DBIS, such as competition at the highest level of sports teams and the genuine planning going into university pathways. Notably we will also have four Year 12 students attending Year 7 camp, a sign if the maturity of our senior students.
With the move to the new facilities at the North Plaza now imminent, there is an excitement for the return to school after the break and a chance to experience the full benefits of being in the Senior School at DBIS. A formal opening ceremony is planned and further details will be shared closer to the time.

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