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What's Been Happening in Year 1

Primary Year 1

We hope you all enjoyed the break! 

The children have come back from the week refreshed and ready to learn. We have started our PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) program where the children take part in a substantial bank of sensory experiences that allows the children greater ability to make perceptual judgements more successfully. 

In maths we are starting the basics of adding and subtracting. The children are enjoying using the blocks and other materials to show their learning. They have also been going outside and creating number sentences using anything they can find! Please ask your child to show off their learning using things from home for example pasta and lego. In English we have been working on using our full stops, capital letters and finger spacing in a new set of instructions. We chose the object (or animal!) we would like to wash and did really well at ordering the instructions and using our bossy verbs. During our Enquiry learning about Our world we have been looking at how our community fits into the world community. We then moved onto thinking about who and what we exist with in the world and how we effect all of those things.  

We have also started our Busy Bees program where the children are split across the classes and have different activities, such as Forest school, art activities and team building. The children love spending time with new friends and different teachers.

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