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What's Been Happening in Year 3

Primary Year 3

After a much deserved break we have been so busy in class learning lots of new skills. What an exciting week it's been!

In our writing, we are focusing on our own independent research on our non chronological reports. This allows us to use our enquiry skills of self management and research to build up on notes before we start to write our report later this week. We have been researching endangered animals, sustainability and natural resources in line with our Discovery Unit.

In Reading to help with our independent research we have been learning how to master the tricky skill of note taking so that when we use the ipads or chromebooks we can be successful. Jotting down key words is the key!

Our Discovery unit is getting even more exciting with Plastic Free Seas continuing to work with us, we are currently drafting a response back to them and we are going to come up with strategies to help reduce the amount of plastic in the sea around Lantau. We have also been learning mapping skills using Lantau as our context, it has been really interesting to learn about our island’s interesting geography.

In Maths we have moved our learning onto addition, we've learnt a new method of adding and we have been applying our knowledge to missing number problems and word problems. We are also becoming increasingly fluent at our times table, all the practice is paying off! 

Next week is the swimming gala, which we can’t wait for!

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