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Speaking to our students about their first half term in English in Humanities here’s what some students had to say: 

‘In the first half term of Y12, we have covered lots of interesting things in English and Geography. In English, we have read through the majority of the play Othello (by Shakespeare) as well as quite a lot of poems in our poetry anthology. I have really enjoyed English so far as it is so interesting to understand how different poems can convey different things - for example, in a poem called 'Eat Me' that we studied at the beginning of term we began to understand how a single poem is capable of having so many meanings, as well as an abundance of ways to interpret them. I had never really considered how a simple verb at the start of a poem can have lots of different connotations and I am very pleased to be developing an analytical understanding of literature. I have also really enjoyed reading Othello. Shakespearian language is quite difficult to understand, but once you read through a few acts you get the hang of the way the different characters speak and how Shakespeare himself used certain devices to engage the audience.

In Geography, we have covered the topic of population. We have learnt so many things so far - how governments deal with ageing populations and youthful populations, a critical appreciation of the demographic transition model (and how it is based on the happenings of an industrial England yet is used to measure development in countries that go through different patterns of growth), the causes and consequences of food shortages and more. I find it very interesting to learn different case studies and develop an understanding of the struggles that different countries face / the new technologies they develop - how this ties in with our specification shows how geography really gives you an education that involves world problems and things that occur in real life. I have always found geography interesting, and this year I am excited to have an in-depth study of how geography impacts so many aspects of our lives.’ – Ashley Olsen 

‘During the first half term of Y8,  I have enjoyed both my English and Humanities lessons for numerous reasons.  In English lessons we have been studying the book ‘Face’ and disabilities. I have enjoyed my English lessons so far as I found it highly interesting to understand the amount of bullying and pain people with disabilities experience during their life. We looked into depth at the main characters accident and how it changed his personality.  I also really enjoyed the variety of work we do, such as group work and individual work. I enjoyed this because I found it fun to work with different people who weren’t really in my immediate friendship group.

In Humanities, we have looked at the positives and negatives of globalisation. We looked at culture, economics, health, education, and more. We also learned about TNCs (Transnational Corporations) and MNCs (Multinational Corporations) and the impact they were having on LEDCs (Less  Economically Developed Countries).  I found it interesting to learn about what is happening in the world right under our noses. I enjoyed the amount of detail we went into in all aspects of globalisation and the way we leant about it all. We learnt through writing our own speeches, essays, ‘silent debates’, and more, but all of this helped a lot and it was fun to learn a new and different way than we were used to. All in all, I have really enjoyed both my Humanities and English lessons in the first half term of Y8 and I am excited to continue learning.’ - Aoife McCarron

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