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What's Been Happening in Year 5

Primary Year 5
It has been wonderful to welcome back our Year 5 students after the October half-term break. We hope that you all had a relaxing and enjoyable time together as a family and that your child is ready for the next ten weeks of learning and exciting school activities.
We started last week by closing up our Green Week themes and concepts of responsibility and sustainability. For this, the children have each been given their very own reusable bag, which they’re now designing an iconic Hong Kong symbol to go on the front of it. These icons will link to our concepts of
Responsibility (Thinking Green)
The children have also been asked to consider how they could use their designs to encourage other Hong Kongers to take responsibility for the future of Hong Kong and it’s waste and recycling issues. The iconic designs have first been drafted on paper, and after constructive peer feedback, the children will then emboss their design onto their bag using an artistic technique called Batik (ask your children about it!). I’m sure you’ll look forward to seeing the finished bags and hopefully we’ll see you using them around DB for your weekly Park ‘n’ Shop trips.
In English and Enquiry, the children are now beginning to think about our Year 5 Show! After their English ‘Cold Task’ at the end of
 the last half-term, it was clear to us that the children have some fantastic ideas about how we could incorporate the history of Hong Kong and our recent trip to the museum into our show. With that in mind, this week we have been introducing the children to the features of a playscript and now they’re telling us which parts of the show they’d like to be involved in. We have been inspired by the playscript The Button Box, by John Gleadall and the children will be using this play and it’s premise in order to innovate it with their own ideas and with a strong link to the history of Hong Kong in mind. The children will be working in small ‘passion’ groups to cultivate and map out the part of they show they’d like to work on and eventually write the script for that scene (hopefully by the end of next week - no pressure!).
On Friday of last week, we held auditions for the show – these were a fantastic opportunity for us to see each child’s strengths and ensure that they have a role to suit their talents in the performance.  If you have any questions about the Year 5 Show at this stage, please do not hesitate to ask your child’s class teacher, Mrs. Cristyn Draper or Mrs. Ashcroft. 
Once again, thank you for your continued support of our iRead reading programme and spellings. The children have shown excellent self-management skills in ensuring that these things are done each night and we’d like to thank you for your encouragement with this home learning. You child may have also told you that they’ve now been grouped for their maths sets, this is something we’ve been working on
 for a long time so as always, if you have any questions or concerns about your child and their ability grouping, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Finally, tomorrow, Friday 20th October, marks our annual Year 5 Swim Gala, right here at our school’s pool. Mrs. Susanne Chambers has provided you with the finer details of the morning and it’s events and we look forward to seeing you all there poolside.
Kindest regards,
Rachel Ashcroft and the Year 5 Team

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