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What's been happening in Year 6

Primary Year 6

Student Leadership is an integral part of the Y6 curriculum and during the last few weeks we have been building towards a whole school challenge where our Y6 students were given the opportunity to lead and put their learning to action.

The event took place last Friday through the great 'marshmallow challenge’ and all Y6 students rose to the challenge.

Students have been able to reflect on the different areas such as: communication, planning and preparation, delivery, presentation and reflection. For all it truly has been ‘growth in action’.  

Within our migration enquiry, students are beginning to research into their chosen migrant or refugee in anticipation of the ‘wax museum’ exit point . This is a wonderful event and is a truly unique way of collaborating what each individual student has learned during the enquiry unit. We look forward to sharing all our learning in the weeks to come.

Year 6 Team

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