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What's Been Happening in Year 1

Primary Year 1

Wow what a week we’ve had in Year 1!

We have had a terrific week celebrating Internationalism through all areas of curriculum and have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about our home Hong Kong. 

In writing, we have begun our last stage of our talk for writing program with ‘Instructions’. Now we are confident with the features of instructions we’ve been independently writing our own set of instructions. Using a checklist we were also able to check if we include features such as ‘bossy verbs’ and ‘time conjunctions’. We amazing our teachers with our skills and were very proud of our achievements. 

Our maths lessons this week we re visited counting in 2’s and identifying odd and even numbers. We also started working on 2D and 3D shapes. Throughout the course of the week we’ve been learning how to identify the faces, sides and vertices of different shapes. We’ve even started making some of these shapes! 

Our ‘Our World’ unit has moved onto the concept of coexistence. We’ve been learning about other living things we co exist with in Discovery Bay and Hong Kong. This has worked in conjunction with us celebrating internationalism this week. We’ve also looked at a variety of habitats that animals live in in Hong Kong and even some around the world. 

The highlight for us this week has been our Internationalism Discovery Day on Thursday. We all proudly wore our Hong Kong colours and raised money for our local charity ‘Plastic Free Seas’. Throughout the course of the day we worked with all the Year 1 teachers to discover something new about our home, Hong Kong. Mrs Ko taught us how to make dumplings, Mrs Cook and Mrs Hodgson taught us how to make chinese fortune cookies and Mrs Hoskin and Mrs Broderick taught us new art skills by collaging with Hong Kong transport and using Andy Warhol's technique to create Hong Kong flags. It was a terrific day in Year 1! 

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