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What's Been Happening in Year 2

Primary Year 2

Lion and Dragon’s healthy snack sale was a huge success, with the students eagerly queueing up to support the charities, whist enjoying delicious cakes, fruit and bread.

The playground was dotted with dangerous red and fresh lemon yellow tops.

To broaden the students understanding of addition and subtraction the students have been focusing on using inverse operations to help them check whether an answer is correct or not. Doing the sums and checking them has been fun, however the hardest tasks have been to explain the process, while posting it on See Saw.

In Writing we have started working on narratives. Using the lovely story ‘Chopsticks and the Dragon’ as a starting point, all students did a cold write to show how much they already know about writing a story. Then the students have had a look at boxing up the text and they will move on to innovate the narrative, by planning a new version, where they can change the characters and setting to even more interesting and exciting descriptions. The story links with its celebration to our new Enquiry topic.

The new Enquiry topic gives the students an opportunity to explore how all kinds of celebrations have roots in different cultures and history, in an ongoing cycle. The students are challenged to see similarities and differences, while also gaining a better understanding of each celebration investigated.

Many of our friends in Year two have just celebrated Diwali with their families and we all joined them at the colourful Diwali assembly last week. It was a day with an explosion of colours, music and dance from various groups taught by teachers and parents alike. 

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