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What's Been Happening in Year 3

Primary Year 3

It has been another fabulous week full of exciting learning in Year 3! In fact we can’t believe another week has passed already! Time flies when you are having fun!

In reading we have been studying the book ‘Oi Get Off Our Train’ by John Burningham. This book is all about endangered animals and ties in with our discovery learning nicely. We did a skills check to practise all the reading skills we have learnt so far. We are really developing our predicting, questioning and key word skills.

In writing we have been continuing our work on Non – Chronolgical Reports. Most of us have completed our final independent task. The progress since we first started the unit is phenomenal!

In Maths we have moved onto column subtraction! It has been encouraging to see children transferring the skills they have learnt in column addition!

For our Saving the World unit we have been working on accurate and to scale maps of Lantau. We have been using Google Maps and Earth to label them and we have been developing symbols for a key. When they are finished we will present them to Mr Tait and Mr Haines to help them in their paddle boarding journey around Lantau.

Finally we have also been exploring the concept of internationalism and what it means to us to be a part of Discovery Bay, Lantau and Hong Kong.

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