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What's Been Happening in Year 4

Primary Year 4

What an exciting week we have had in Year 4! 

Last Thursday was Internationalism Day. Students designed and made collages to reflect the impact that growing up in Hong Kong has had on them. They really enjoyed thinking about all the different places, events and foods that they were used to here and identifying the similarities and differences with other places they that have lived. 

The same afternoon the whole of Year 4 walked to the DBIS Kindergarten to meet their Nursery buddies for the first time. What a fantastic afternoon the students had! They loved learning all about their new friends and playing at all the different stations. We look forward to our next visit.

Open Morning was a great success this Tuesday, with students really enjoying having the opportunity to show off all the  learning that has taken place so far this term. It was wonderful hearing the children explain their work with such enthusiasm. It was also a chance to share their Seesaw Learning Journeys with parents.

In Literacy the students are fully immersed in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and they have been busy designing their own characters and their own amazing rooms. They have identified how Roald Dahl paints a picture with his words through vivid imagery using description, similes and metaphors, and have been using the same techniques to create some wonderful descriptive writing. 

In Maths the students have been focusing on multiplication and division. They are learning how to use vertical multiplication methods and are applying their knowledge to word problems. Please encourage your children to practice times tables at home to help them with this.

Students have been thinking about the concepts of Trade, Process and Impact as we enquire into our Fair Trade topic. Playing the Fair Trade banana game was very emotive and helped the children to really think about what is meant by ‘fair’ trade. Over the next few weeks we will use students’ questions to research into chocolate and other products. The children are particularly looking forward to the trip to the Chocolate Museum!

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