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What's been happening in Year 6

Primary Year 6

So another action packed week in Y6!

As part of our topic, Y6 have been researching examples of migration, focusing on specific individuals to learn about their stories, why they moved, how they travelled, what their journey was like and how life was different after migrating. This week the children took on the role of their chosen migrant to create an interactive ‘waxwork museum’ of migrants from different eras and countries around the world. The depth of empathy and research that has gone into the children’s has been very impressive, as were the costumes and performances of the Y6 pupils!

In maths Y6 have begun focusing on fractions, starting with how they link to other areas of maths, then focusing on equivalence between fractions followed by adding, subtracting and finding fractions of amounts. In English the children have been showing off their skills in the most recent Big Award for Writing before moving on to biographies and autobiographies focused on the life of a migrant.

There is also growing excitement about our China trip in Y6, which is only two weeks away. Not long at all!

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