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Secondary Secondary News
Thirteen Students and 3 teachers headed out to Hanoi in the early hours of Saturday morning for a week of excitement, community service and adventure.  
The city of Hanoi is filled with motorbikes and we learnt very quickly how to walk in convoy and not look left or right at oncoming traffic.  A trip around the Hoan Kim Lake in electric vans proved to be a highlight for many of the students as did the water puppet show and a walk around Ho Chi Minhs Mausoleum.
Due to excessive rain and a passing typhoon our  itinerary changed slightly, so instead of heading East, we headed North to the village of Nam Sai where we painted a hostel at a local school for students who live to far to commune daily.  While we cleaned, painted and restored the hostel for the school and small group of students assisted with planting new vegetables and weeding in the school garden.
Hiking through the rice paddies proved to be more challenging than expected.  
Two of the local guides who were walking with us were carrying babies on their backs, wearing traditional clothes and plastic slip on shoes and made the hike look exceptionally easy. We as a group were kitted out in the latest hiking gear, could barely put one foot in front of the other without slipping, sliding and getting stuck in the mud. 
Once back in Hanoi we took part in early morning session of Laughing Yoga.  Participants believe that “laughing yoga strengthens all immune functions and improves positive feelings in the body.”  With a 5:30am wake up call and a 6:00am start, not many of us were laughing, but by the end of the session we were all ha ha ho ho-ing happily with the rest of the regulars.
The final leg of our journey took us to the beautiful Halong Bay.  We spent the night on a junk and enjoyed looking at a few of the 1600 islands that all form part of the popular seascape.  We also visited one of the three local villages built on water where over 600 people reside. Here, children are taught to swim before they can walk. Kayaking, swimming and squid fishing were part of the evenings activities. 
An amazing trip and a wonderful opportunity.

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