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Secondary - WWW Diving in the Philippines

Secondary Secondary News

For our Week Without Walls trip, we chose to do the Philippines diving trip because it seemed like an interesting and new experience.

It was unique and different compared to all the other trips we’ve done before. We went to Anilao; it is said that the area of the Philippines we visited is world renowned for its rich biodiversity.

On our first day, the students that had already completed their PADI Open Water Course went out on a dive, 30 minutes away from the dive resort to a local dive site. The groups learning their PADI Open Water course did two dives a day in the pool for the first two days to get comfortable with the equipment and the sensation of breathing underwater. Although diving in the pool was interesting (especially for those who have never dived before), on the third day when the Open Water group went into the ocean for the first time, you could feel the excitement and anticipation in the air.  

Even though some of the students were nervous about completing skills in the ocean, everyone had a great time and throughly enjoyed the experience. Throughout the dives we saw  a massive array of aquatic life including  fish every colour of the rainbow, gigantic sea turtles, barracudas, eels, electric sea urchins and intricate coral.

We can speak on behalf of everyone on the trip when we say that it gave us great sadness, knowing the last dive would be the last time we would see the Philippines’ unique underwater treasures and beautiful coral.


By Olivia Flavell and Ryan Zawada - Year 10


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