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Year 8 News

Secondary Year 8

Our students are back into the swing of things since returning from another excellent Week Without Walls experience. 

A number of our superb Year 8 students stood out and performed above and beyond the norm during the week away.  Most notably we saw Reese Acorn, Summer Dubrowski, Hiu Tung Cheung and Hannah Matilde Sullivan speak to a school congregation of over 1200 student in both Mandarin and English.  The students showed eloquence and calm in their delivery and greatly impressed our Chengdu school hosts.

Other experiences of value were that our students witnessed the economic gulf between their lives and the lives of the children in the migrant school. This eye opening experience has made many of our students view life differently and helped to alter their perspectives.  In addition, it has helped many of them appreciate things in their own life more and also to become more grateful.

Added to this changed world view the Year 8 student also gained the opportunity to visit a Panda Centre. This close up and personal experience with such a beautiful yet endangered animal has helped students to realise the importance of conservation and sustainability awareness.  Furthermore, it has helped to teach our Year 8 students about personal and collective social and environmental responsibility.  We hope this will translate into our students being more active and supportive in this regard both in Discovery Bay and beyond.

Our Year 8 students participated in ‘Internationalism Week’ last week.  This was a great opportunity for students to reflect on their identity, place in Hong Kong and in the wider world.  ‘Internationalism Week’ built on the many experiences of Chinese culture encountered during the Week Without Walls trip.  Whilst away our students learnt about Buddhism and other Ancient Chinese philosophies and religions.  All of these experiences have helped to enrich student awareness and openness to other cultures.  Both weeks have combined well to promote a much more internationally minded outlook among our students.

Another notable mention from the Week Without Walls trip was Declan Guinea who showed excellent commitment in developing relationships with the host school. Declan showed himself to be a true ambassador to the school and highlighted the many virtues we seek to develop within our students.  In addition, Caitlin Mangel showed enthusiasm and determination through the Kung Fu session. She epitomised the characteristics of effort, tenacity and drive that the school values so highly.

Finally, Austin Lu and Stephens Cheng showed great initiative, personal responsibility and community spirit by using their Mandarin language skills to help their peers during all stages of the Chengdu Trip.  These students were just a few of the many standout performances that show the strength of character within the cohort.

Kind regards,

Mr Wills

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