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Secondary - WWW Thomas Smits

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During Week Without Walls (WWW) Thomas Smits ventured over to Kowloon for an amazing day of hospitality and cooking experiences. 

Hosted by the superb staff at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (SHTM) at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, Thomas got to experience being a chef, barista and sommelier. 

Thomas has always had an interest in the restaurant industry and lists ‘Master Chef ‘as his favourite show hence the reason that DBIS set up this experience for him.  In addition, the connection with SHTM forms part of our school’s commitment to experiential learning and to helping students develop their interests and talents.  To facilitate his interests and provide for personalised learning we arranged for a number of immersive experiences for Thomas to take part in as part of his WWW learning activities.

Thomas spent time in the SHTM training kitchen and got to experience first hand the hustle and bustle of a modern restaurant kitchen under the expert eye of Chef Simone.  After this, Thomas went to the restaurant area to see the servers in action and the front of house operations.  During this phase he sat as guest of honour and got to sample all of the meals that he had seen prepared during his time in the kitchen.

After the kitchen and dining experience Thomas was then into his personal 1-1 chef session.  Under the guidance and tutelage of Chef Pearl (also a Doctor and Assistant Dean at SHTM) Thomas worked on making his own Taiwanese Fusion dish.  After this, he went to work in the Coffee Lab and learnt the skills of being a Barista.  His experience was finished off with a lesson in viniculutre in the world renowned SHTM wine labs.

Thomas enjoyed the experience immensely and loved all of the sessions that he was involved.  In addition, he learnt a great amount about different aspects of the industry.  His favourite element was seeing Chef Simone create a chocolate dessert using liquid nitrogen to freeze it. 

This experience is going to form part of many programmes that we will be creating for our students as we seek to personalise student education and allow for greater experiential learning.  As a school we strive to enrich learning experiences and develop education both inside and outside of the conventional classroom.


Mr Wills

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