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A week in the life of DBIS

Head of School

The energy, talent and commitment of the school community have been writ large in a series of events this week.

Highlights have included the Year 6 Celebration of Learning on the theme of migration, rehearsals for the Year 5 show, the Secondary team’s contribution to the under 15 FOBISIA competition in Phuket and the Box of Hope collections across the school. The vibrancy of the school has also been demonstrated by today’s Nursery Intake Open Morning, Primary house days and Secondary’s (I)GCSE and A Level Options Evenings.  The dedication and commitment of students, staff and parents have been brilliant to see and I’m very grateful for all their efforts. 

I am also delighted that this week Aisling McCarron qualified for the Irish Dancing World Championships while Leo Chan has won a place in the Hong Kong Yo-Yo finals. I know you will want to join me in congratulating both students on their achievements. Equally, I also wanted to recognise the contribution made by the members of four DBIS bands that performed at the Big Picnic last Saturday. Well done to the members Rocking’ Fever, A.C.E., Scars and Headache.

As we look forward to next week, we’re anticipating a successful Award for Young People (AYP) Bronze expedition, Year 6 China Camp, DBIS Live and the Community Sports Event for Year 4 at Discovery College. 

Best wishes,

Paul Tough
Head of School

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