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Secondary - WWW HK Service Group

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The HK Service group was a mixed one with students from Years 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Through the week the students served in three different areas.

At the Nesbitt Centre which is a school for students with learning disabilities, we engaged in different activities like general studies, body movement, music, dance and making Bookazine cards. We enjoyed yoga, badminton, bowling and basketball with the Nesbitt students at the HK Football Club.
As a part of the refugee care programme by Christian Action we went to Kowloon Union Church and joined in for the African meet-greet song and dance. Students split up between shopping for food at the wet market, cooking in the soup kitchen and spending time teaching and playing with the children. We then served food to a very varied group of 70-80 refugees, and lunched with them. It was a busy day.
At Crossroads students helped categorise new clothes donated by H&M, M&S etc, second-hand clothes and household goods. We made boxes and packed, coded and sealed them to be shipped. Older students sorted furniture, learnt to operate manual fork lifts and helped load a container bound to Iraq. We also briefly stepped into the shoes of the blind for a morning and experienced a world of complete darkness. We went through the AIDS experience of listening to life-stories of four different people where the room setup reflected their life and background. The students found these two experiences both moving and powerful.

It is hoped from this week of service that students have gained valuable experience to understand Hong Kong, the reality of diversity, and break through barriers and stereotypes. A goal of this trip was to encourage high school students to develop leadership and professional skills while enabling all students to develop qualities of confidence, compassion and self-reliance.

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