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Aisling McCarron - Irish Dancing World Championships:

Hello, my name is Aisling McCarron and I go to Melissa McDermott Irish Dance
School. 2 weeks ago I was away on the trip of a lifetime. I was in Poland trying to qualify for the World Championships Irish Dance. I have been doing Irish Dancing since I was six so this was an amazing opportunity for me. When I arrived at the competition, I came fifth. The top five qualify. I qualified! I was thrilled!

A challenge I faced along the way was finding times to practice, I do a lot of ECAs all ready, and now I had to practice every day! 

What next? Now that I've qualified, I have to go to the WORLDS Irish Dance which is the biggest Irish dance competition there is. I will be against about 75 other people and I will be trying to get through to the second round!

Henry Humpleby - Reflections of the WWW camp:

For year 7 week without walls we travelled to Pui O and Nam Sham to carry out our camping experience. Over camp there were lots of good and difficult moments which I’m going to mention.  

Some of the things we enjoyed over camp were the Numerous different Activities including Kayaking, Coasteering, gorging and the Game of Life (Which involved lots of mud). The activities were fun because of their content and challenges which we had to overcome. One of our favourite activities was Kayaking where we had to face and overcome challenges such as turning and if you failed there were funny forfeits involving jumping into the ocean. Apart from the fun activities there were some difficult moments such as the horrible tents which were sticky
 and usually muddy. The best night for many was sleeping in the nearby restaurant, Mavericks, because of the first night which was incredibly wet and soaked lots of tents. 

Besides usually having fun the theme of this camp was to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone and challenge us. Some of the toughest and most challenging activities were coasteering and gorging. For some, jumping from a cliff into the water below in gorging was difficult because you could not see if there were rocks below (Even though the instructors had told us there were not any below). 

At the beginning of the camp there was a challenge were groups of us had to put our hands into a bucket of slimy muck - this was to push us outside of their comfort zones. Another challenge was when many of our friends got a little homesick, but it was important for us to support and comfort them.

The hike from 貝澳 (Pui O) to 南山 ( Nam Sham) was also very  tough, which include lots of rocky slopes and rivers. We overcame this by talking which distracted us as well as eating our lunches to boost our energy and help our nerves. We learnt and improved lots of important skills on camp. Some of the important skills we improved were compassion for others, teamwork (when building fires and cooking food) and keeping our temper in tough situations (for example, trying to get our stuff ready in the tents). We improved the skills without even knowing it because we had to cooperate and help everybody else. We also now  understand why the tents are there, and why they are frustrating but a part of the camp experience and also help build our understanding of how much we underestimate our bed. 

Another thing that is mostly made for us is our food which on this camp we learnt is a great thing to be able to make ourselves. For nearly everyone  homesickness was a tough challenge to deal with and overcome. Being away from our parents who could not get us out of bed or give us food was frustrating and at some times a recipe for sadness. The challenge of staying was difficult but many got through it knowing that our family and home were just around the corner.


Justin Low
Science Teacher
Year Group Leader Y7
House Coordinator

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