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What's Been Happening in Year 2

Primary Year 2

In Writing the children have finally started to plan and write their own story.

With all the writing secrets introduced it was the children’s turn to choose their own main character and work out how the problem in their story could be resolved in an imaginary way.
The children all came up with different ideas and enjoyed pursuing their own storyline.
They have written super setting sentences and learned to describe a character with lots of interesting adjectives, describing both what the character feels and his appearance.
Planning and writing a full story while trying to remember all the writing secrets can be a real challenge, but all were happy to give it a go. Teachers were overjoyed to see both openers, connectives and lots of adjectives being used. The children really seemed to enjoy the freedom of writing using their own ideas.

In mathematics the children have enjoyed the new topic multiplication.
They have used counters, drawn arrays, thrown dice and tried to explain how groups of numbers is the same as adding the numbers in the group together. The children have used the brilliant app Seesaw to upload their work and explain what they have learned. It is not always as easy to explain what you do as it is doing it.

Christmas is coming, little decorations, bells and Santas have started to creep into the classrooms while the children have had the chance to read Christmas library books.

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