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A week in the life of DBIS

Head of School

As the first term draws to an end, I reflect in admiration and respect on the contributions made by our students, staff, parents and School Council members to the ongoing success of the school. 

It has been an incredibly positive school year in so many different ways and we should all feel a sense of accomplishment when we review its successes. Some of the year’s highlights include the introduction of our AS/A Level programme for Year 12 and 13, new curricular and reporting methods in the Primary School, extending our Beach and Forest Schools approach in the Early Years and opening new learning facilities such as the Library and Senior School at Discovery Bay North. 

At this time of year, however, the most wonderful thing to do is to reflect upon the individual progress, achievements and growth of our students. Whether this growth is academic, physical, social or emotional, it is of crucial importance as we strive every day to ensure our students have the opportunity to develop and reach their potential. Our students are indeed exceptional and deserve the very best from us as a school at all times. 

Equally, it is essential that we all reflect on how fortunate we are to be part of such a caring, supportive and aspirational school community. I hope we all take time to travel, pursue a hobby, enjoy the company of friends and family and savour the experiences that are rewarding as these will undoubtedly bring new insights to why DBIS is so unique and why we are all fortunate to be part of its community.

For those students, staff and families who are leaving us, please don’t forget to keep DBIS in your hearts and minds. While you pursue new adventures, DBIS will remain a constant in your lives. The school will always be open to you and we look forward to hearing about your successes beyond DBIS.

On a final note, I would like to wish every member of the DBIS community a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. I look forward to seeing everyone energised and back at school in January.

Best wishes for the holiday ahead.

Paul Tough 
Head of School

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