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Secondary Mathematics News

Welcome back, I hope you had a fantastic holiday and are ready for the second term. 

Many students have now finished their creative projects based on real problems that need to be solved. It was very pleasing as a teacher to see so many students thinking and acting like mathematicians; setting problems, critically and logically thinking and producing some excellent work. 

All Key Stage 3 students are still studying the unit of Construction where they are learning how algebra and geometry are integral in the design and construction of everything. Students will be introduced to the importance of algebra and how it is used in a real-life context. 

With the Year 11 students fast approaching their IGCSEs I would like to remind them that the key to success is to create good study habits now. It is vital that they do not leave revision any later. Every lesson, home learning task or revision activity will have a direct impact on their confidence to do well and ultimately their results. All the Year 11 students have the potential to do very well and I hope to be celebrating their successes in the near future.

Kind regards 

Adam Reid
Head of Mathematics
Discovery Bay International School.

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