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What's Been Happening in Year 1

Primary Year 1

This week we have been working hard in writing. 

We have been adapting the Ugly Ducking by changing the characters, settings and trying our best to use adjectives and change the openers to our sentences. We tried our best to also alter the beginning, middle and end. It’s wonderful when we get the opportunity to show off all our new writing skills and put them into practice in one piece of writing.  We also reviewed how to edit and “up-level" our writing to make it even better!

During Enquiry, we moved on from looking at the features of stories, to how we express stories. We found many ways from videos, theatre and books to listening to someone tell a story.    We listened to the story being read and watched the video the scary monster in China, which is a traditional story behind Chinese New Year celebrations.  We also had a go at retelling the story and recorded ourselves on Seesaw.

In maths we have been consolidating our learning and understanding of addition and subtraction. We have been using our knowledge of number bonds to 10 and 20 to help us become quicker at working out the problems!

Unfortunately, due to the flu, some of our learning will have to wait till after Chinese New Year.  In preparation for this, please see the note in book-bags asking for the children to find and learn a story from your home country to share with the class.

Wishing you all a very healthy and happy Chinese New Year and a wonderful Year of the Dog.

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