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What's Been Happening in Year 2

Primary Year 2

Year 2 continue to work hard in Discovery Time lessons and as our ‘Celebration of Learning’ draws near the children are busy practising their lines for the rap, and finalising their presentation boards.

In English we have been focusing on the following writing secrets; question marks, commas in lists and writing in the correct tense. You will see some of these writing secrets being implemented in their non-chronological information boards next week.

In mathematics the children continue to work on addition and subtraction. We are teaching the students how to partition a number to add using number bonds and also how they can add and subtract more efficiently using a number line by making jumps of multiples of 10. 

Last week we all came together to celebrate the children’s work in Physical Education. All students participated well and showed great sportsmanship, cheering for friends and teammates. Thank you for joining us to support their efforts; the sun even shone down on those competing on the pitch!

We continue to support our charity ‘Read to Feed’ and all Year 2 classes are reading an impressive number of books at home. We look forward to collecting the sponsorship money and sending these generous donations on to the charity at the end of the fourth week. 

Year 2 also showed a very mature approach when discussing the valiant efforts of Mr Haines and Mr Tait as they embarked on their challenge to paddle around Lantau island in support of Plastic Free Seas and the future of our planet! What a fantastic message to send to our students.

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