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English and Humanities Newsletter February

Secondary English & Humanities
Student reflections so far this half term:
Year 10 Geography
This year in geography one of my favourite topics we learnt about is population in specific control factors along with issues and solutions. I especially enjoyed when we focused on a case study on which we learnt about China and the one child policy. This was definitely an eye opener as we learned how the history of China can really shape its future, in addition the effects on the people, the consequences and deeply evaluating the success or fail of the policy. All in all geography has been absolutely enjoyable, informative and enriching.
Lovis Michael Y10
In this last term we have been closely looking at the impact of population within countries and different types of settlement that can be found around the world. I found this fascinating especially in regard to the counties that we have studied in depth; China and Japan. As many of these countries have implemented very different strategies to control their population and it has also be interesting to learn how transition settlements are changing in these countries. 
- Olivia Flavell Y10
Year 10 Business Studies
For Business Studies in Y10, we have so far learnt a wide range of topics, many of which have introduced us to business procedures in the real world. 
We started off the school year by learning about basic business activities, which included factors of production, added value and sectors.
We then learnt about market research and business ownerships, which include both stakeholders and shareholders. This linked into us doing market segmentation, and many other crucial topics.
We are currently learning the 4 Ps of a business (Product, Price, Promotion and Place).
We are enjoying a website that Mr Clarke introduced to us, called Investopedia. It uses real life stocks to simulate a market for users to buy the stocks, which we are made to compete against our classmates to make the most profit by the end of the school year. It is really engaging for all of us, and prepares us for when we potentially buy stocks in the future!
What we found challenging were understanding the number of new key terms that we had in each new topic, which was very daunting and intimidating at first. But when we started to understand the terms by looking at their definition, advantages and disadvantages, everything had started to connect together and make sense. We also found our first Business Studies test very difficult as none of us had ever attempted anything like it. Although everyone didn't feel very confident going into the test, everyone did very well, and exceeded expectations.
By Josh Hopkins and Simon Ryd
Year 12  Media and English
So far in term 2, media has consisted of mostly coursework. Although this sounds quite tedious, for a lot of us it's actually been quite exciting! Our first task was to plan, film and edit a remake of a clip from either 'The Godfather', 'The Social Network' or 'Scream'. Here, we were able to develop our pre-production skills (planning everything for the clip, such as the filming day, risk assessments and prop lists), our direction and camera work and our editing on premiere pro. This was important, as now we are working on our final video pieces (where we have to create our own unique opening title sequences of all different genres and narratives), meaning we have had a little bit of practice in how to produce them. Lastly, we have been writing up our written piece of coursework - an analysis and comparison of two chosen opening sequences. This was also really useful as it allowed us to discover techniques that we can draw inspiration from in our own clips. Overall, this has been a very hands-on busy and term in media, but I'm sure all of us can agree it has been pretty successful. 
Year 12 English
English in term 2 has been a change from term 1. We have moved on from our previous studies and have begun to look at a new novel and play (Purple Hibiscus and A Streetcar Named Desire). The texts are so interesting - although most of the term has consisted of analysis and discussion, the subtext of both of the narratives, coupled with the quirky and unique characters within them, have kept classes entertaining and intriguing. Now that we have developed the essay-writing and analysis skills from term 1, lessons have taken a focus on deeper-reading / understanding (which we can apply our prior knowledge to now that we are comfortable with how to structure our essays). The term has been fun so far, and I am sure that once we have finished learning about the novel and play we will continue to find it as interesting as we do now. 
By Ashley Olsen

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