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I would first like to recognise the efforts of Cynthia Aarons, Frederick Fung, Micah Zirkelbach, Callum Henderson, Lucie Destexhe, Parker Thomson, Ashley Wilson, Brandon Tang and Anthony Verweij for representing the school in this years NEAMC Mathematics competition in Seoul.

These students will be competing with students from across North East Asia over 3 days in problem solving activities. We have some extremely talented mathematicians in the group and I’m sure they will do very well. I would also like to thank Mrs Prabu and Mr Lawrence for all the effort and hard work that’s goes on in the build up to, the organisation and the running of the trip.
Key Stage 3 students have come to the end of the unit of Construction, where they learnt about the mathematics needed in designing and constructing. The Year 9 had an opportunity to go to the Big Buddha and apply some of their skills to a real life situation.  
On Wednesday the 28th, the Year 9 went on a school trip to Tai O and the Big Buddha. The trip was planned by the Year 12 for their travel and tourism geography GCSE. We started the trip by visiting Tai O, where we went on different tours and walks around, including a boat trip. We answered questions and saw how different life would be if we lived there instead of DB. After the trip to Tai O, we drove to the big Buddha to do our maths part of the trip. We climbed to the big Buddha and and answered various questions. We had to measure the circumference of one of the platforms using trundle wheels and different math techniques. We also had to answer a question about the volume of the statue. We then went to the central area, where we had to figure out the volume of the water in a fountain. We also took a small walk on the wisdom path and saw some poles. We applied Pythagoras theorem to measure the height of one of them. It was interesting to apply different mathematics strategies that we had learnt in class, in real life. 
By Eleanor Lambert and Amber Wilkeson 

The next unit is Analyse. They we will be studying the importance of data. Learning a variety of methods to collect, analyse and present different sorts of data. Students will be applying what they learn in lesson time to an ongoing homelearning project based on market research for starting up a new business in DB.

Adam Reid
Head of Mathematics
Discovery Bay International School.

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