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Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental Lessons

Our instrumental lessons are very popular, with over 200 students taking part.

Below are the links to the Google Doc instrumental timetables.  Please ensure you regularly check for updates or changes.

Cello & Piano (Shelagh Heath)

Drum Kit/Percussion (Anna Fan)

Guitar (Steve Gardner)

Guitar (Tom Austin)

Piano/Brass (Mark Willett)

Piano (Vivian Gu)

Trombone (Christian Goldsmith)

Violin (Fan Yan)

Violin (Juan Andrés Carmona)

Voice (Alysha Gauthier)

Woodwind (Oliver Smith)

Woodwind (Janet Williams)

Lessons are for 30 minutes and as you will see from the attached timetable, on a rotational basis. The lesson timetable can be viewed using the music department ipad, or can be accessed through the school's Moodle. Class teachers also have access to the timetables and Secondary are able to use their own ipads. 

Student Responsibility

Please note it is the child’s responsibility to be prompt to lessons. It is important that your child knows which day and time their lesson is on and to be responsible for arriving with the correct equipment for the lesson. It is suggested that Primary students use a watch with an alarm and Secondary use their ipads to set an alarm clocks for the term to assist them with remembering their lesson time. We recommend arriving at the lesson 5 minutes before the start time so students are prepared and ready for learning.

Absences and Make Up Lessons

Where a student is unable to attend a lesson please inform Mr Haggarty or the instrumental teacher directly with 24 hours notice and a make up lesson will then be provided. For lessons where a student is absent without giving prior notice, the cost of the lesson will still be applied and no make up lesson arranged. Please note make up lessons are only provided if a student is on a school trip or is absent due to illness. Any student absent from school due to a holiday will not be refunded nor a make up lesson offered.

Teaching Groups and Scheduling

Lessons are offered on an individual, duo or a trio basis. To accommodate your preference as much as possible we have considered student ages and abilities when selecting teaching groups to enable the students to have the very best tuition possible. Students in Year 1, 2 and 3 and Y10 upwards are scheduled during break time and after school. Students who learn more than 1 instrument where possible 1 lesson is scheduled during a break time.  All other students are scheduled on a rotational basis.

Instrument Hire

For those who selected to hire an instrument, the instrument will be provided in your child’s first lesson and must be returned in the final lesson of the term. We politely remind you that students and parents are required to maintain and return the musical instrument in good condition and are liable for its replacement cost if it is lost or stolen, including the cost of rectifying any damage caused through improper use or storage. For further details please see the ‘Agreement for hire’ letter which was sent out with the original application form. Instruments will be collected from the students in their final lesson of the term to avoid additional holiday charges.


You will be informed with regards to music and any other equipment your child may require by the teacher during their first lesson. A practice diary will be issued in the first music lesson, parents are required to note the practice at home and sign the diary each week.

Practice Diaries

All students are provided with an instrumental practice diary and is an invaluable tool for learning. This will enable you to see what learning is happening within each lesson and for you to track your child’s progress. We also ask that parents sign this diary and students record the amount of practice they complete each week. The diary is also the predominant method to build teacher/parent relations and to communicate your child’s learning and progress.

Parent Instrumental Contract

All details are clearly stated in the instrumental program parent contract, which you have signed. 

Performance Opportunities

The DBIS music department regularly discusses a variety of performance opportunities with instrumental teachers. Please check the school calendar and watch out for notices in the DBIS weekly newsletter.

The instrumental teachers and I are very much looking forward to what will be a musical term for everyone involved in the programme. 

Kind regards

Ken Haggarty
Creative Arts Head