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Learning at DBIS

Learning at DBIS

High Quality Learning and Teaching at DBIS

At DBIS we are continually striving to enhance the standard of education we provide. The following statements represent comments made by teachers, students and parents about the purpose, nature and outcomes of learning and teaching at our school. 

High Quality Learning 
Our core belief at DBIS is that high quality learning should be an enjoyable, engaging and purposeful experience for students. It should enable learners of all ages to develop socially, emotionally and academically.

The positive, nurturing environment at our school, coupled with our holistic approach to education results in a high standard of learning. It is intentional by design and is based on an understanding of the most effective and contemporary methods, which will allow children to learn. 

High quality learning at DBIS includes the acquisition of knowledge, understanding, and skills in tandem with values, personal qualities and attributes. It also focuses on improving students’ critical awareness, their understanding of themselves, their place in society and the international context in which they are developing as learners. 

At DBIS we believe high quality learning occurs best when students: 

  • Demonstrate commitment, motivation and enthusiasm for their learning.
  • Understand their strengths and areas for growth as learners.
  • Show a willingness to try new things while understanding that making mistakes helps them learn.
  • Problems solve and think critically when faced with different challenges.
  • Build upon prior learning and make good progress.
  • Apply their learning to real world contexts and show practical engagement with the world around them.
  • Develop self-management skills and take ownership of their learning.
  • Reflect, evaluate and discuss their learning with others.
  • Work independently and collaboratively and are given encouragement and support to do so effectively.
  • Appreciate and respect the concerns, views and feelings of others within the school, community and the wider world.

High Quality Teaching

High quality learning at DBIS is linked to high quality teaching. Teachers at DBIS strive to achieve the best learning outcomes for students by providing an environment that:

  • Inspires challenges and engages learners.
  • Utilises a range of approaches to learning.
  • Nurtures positive, supportive, relationships that allow every student to feel safe, valued and respected as learners.
  • Fosters a culture of learning.
  • Empower students to direct their learning through voice and choice.
  • Is highly inspiring and builds a passion for learning through enquiry, problem solving and an understanding of how students learn best.
  • Recognises that every individual is unique and allows for differentiation and individualisation of learning.
  • Encourages collaboration, communication, and creativity.
  • Maintains high expectations of all learners.
  • Provides adaptive support and challenge for all learners.
  • Provides for ongoing feedback on learning.
  • Utilises the school’s facilities and the wider context of Discovery Bay and Hong Kong.

At DBIS we are committed to the highest professional standards, innovative practice and high quality professional development. We aim to empower our teachers to be flexible and creative with their teaching approaches within the context of a broad, balanced, relevant and coherent curriculum structure. We seek to achieve this through collaborative planning, collegial coaching and mentoring, shared professional expectations and extensive professional networks.

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