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Primary Reports

The DBIS Primary Curriculum contains clear expectations in terms of student outcomes in all subjects at the end of each academic year, and these outcomes have been mapped into Curriculum Standards 1 to 6. For example, the curriculum taught in Year 1 is assessed within Curriculum Standard 1. The curriculum taught in Year 2 is Curriculum Standard 2, meaning that the expected Curriculum Standard for the majority of students at the end of their academic year is the standard relating to the year group they are in.

How will my child’s academic attainment and progress be reported?

Why have curriculum levels been replaced by Standards this year at DBIS?

What are the main changes between the old curriculum and the new?

How do the new curriculum standards compare to those used at other international schools in Hong Kong?

How will other schools in HK and elsewhere understand the school reports if we are transferring schools?

What does an expected learning journey look like across the academic year?

How are Reading, Writing and Maths being reported?

How will I know about my child’s approach to their learning?

How are subjects other than Reading, Writing and Maths reported?

Discovery Learning Assessment

In Mandarin, my child was “Developing” in the Term 1 report, but now he/she is “Emerging” in the Term 2 report. Why is this?

How is Mandarin taught in Years 1, 2 and 3?

How is Mandarin taught in Years 4, 5 and 6?

What specific measures are teachers taking in the classroom to fill in gaps between the old curriculum and the new?

Where can I find the learning objectives for each subject for my children?

I have children in two different years but their Term 1 reports showed they are both “developing” at the Year 5 standard for maths. How can this be?

How do I know what to do to help my child at home?

Why is my child emerging in an area?