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A week in the life of DBIS

Head of School

I wanted to start today’s Newsletter by commending the girls who represent the School as part of our U12 football team.

I couldn’t be more impressed by their team spirit, commitment and their desire to keep on improving. Yesterday evening the team played valiantly in defeat on the DBIS pitch against the International Christian School. Undeterred by the experience, the team members and the full squad, Girls-U12A and Girls-U12B, were back at 7 am on the same pitch as last night’s defeat ready for practice. Never giving up and working through is the team’s mantra and they are all worthy of significant praise. Equally, the children present this morning for biathlon and swim squad training demonstrated great resolve even before the official start of the school day.

The same commitment to doing something difficult and working through a challenge was shown by the students performing at last night’s "DBIS Live” event. Performing in front of an assembled audience should never be underestimated, particularly for young children who are developing their proficiency at playing instruments while also developing their confidence as young people. The soloist and ensembles from across all phases of the school were brilliant, and all of us in the Globe were very proud of their individual and collective efforts. Link to the names of performers HERE.  

This week the School has hosted a team of peer evaluators from the Council of International Schools (CIS). The team have observed lessons and met staff, students, parents and School Council members. The visit has aimed to evaluate the School’s educational provision and to judge whether DBIS has met the standards for international accreditation. The team is in the process of finalising their report before concluding their visit tomorrow. The visit has been intense and hugely rewarding for all concerned. A favourable decision regarding accreditation is essential to the school. However, the real values of the process is the series of recommendations for ongoing school improvement which will ensue. I will, of course, make you aware of the outcome once this is communicated to the school by the CIS Board before the end of the term.

Looking ahead to next week, we are eagerly anticipating the Year 1 Show, the FOBISIA Intermediate Music Festival (Years 7-10) in Jakarta and the announcement of the Scholarship recipients for next school year.

Best wishes for the weekend.

Paul Tough
Head of School



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