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What's Been Happening in Reception

Early Years Reception News

All the Reception classes were extremely fortunate last week after being invited to the primary campus to meet Craig Smith- author of the popular and funny, Wonkey Donkey.

Not only did he show us all of his published books but he actually performed them to us using his guitar. The children loved participating in his stories and some even got the chance to use his puppets as he sung us the stories. The feedback across all of Reception was overwhelmingly positive with children requesting his songs and books all week. 

We’re heading up to primary again this week to watch the Year 1 show, another hotly anticipated event and something for our children to look forward to next year when they’re in Year 1 themselves. As the countdown to summer has begun we have started to emphasise the transition ahead and will be getting visits from some Year 1 teachers as well as exploring the primary environment to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

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