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What's Been Happening in Nursery

Early Years Nursery News

Nursery have had a fun-filled, exciting and busy few weeks as we have delved into our story-telling topic even further.

Our children have been exploring stories and using their imaginations to create plots, alter endings and devise their own performances. 

Thank you so much to all parents and grown ups who joined us last week to watch our children’s ‘’Three Little Pigs’’ performance. We are continually grateful for your support. They were absolutely fantastic and we are so proud of them. What a wonderful morning of activities.

This week we have been lucky enough to have a visit from a Marine Biologist to talk to the children about clean oceans. The children generated lots of thoughtful ideas and enjoyed discussing ways to save our ocean.

Please remember ‘Water Fun Day’’ (25.5.18) and our Helper Celebration Afternoon (30.5.18 at 2:10-2:40pm) 

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