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What's Been Happening in Reception

Early Years Reception News

There has been a buzz of activity in Reception this last week, with some special visitors coming into see us. 

We were lucky to have Estelle come in to talk to us about marine life, and show us some amazing videos of hammerhead sharks and huge jelly fish. We also had some of our new year 1 teachers come into our classes to read us a story, helping us to get ready for our move to year 1 in a few weeks.

On Friday, we had so much fun at the Water Fun day, we dressed up in our special waterproof clothes and had a massive water fight with all of our friends and even our teachers! 

Over the coming weeks we will getting ready for our move to year 1, including going to see our new classrooms up at the Primary Campus. We are all excited for our move, and wait to see our new classrooms!

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