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What's Been Happening in Year 1

Primary Year 1

What a year we’ve had in Year 1!

The Year 1 children have thrived this year and have all had a tremendous year. 

The Year 1 children have had a busy end of term finishing their Discovery unit ‘Let’s Build Structures’ and beginning their final topic of the year ‘Healthy Humans - How are you feeling?’. Over the last fortnight the Year 1 children have learnt about the importance of making choices, having a balanced lifestyle, learning about where food comes from and exploring the different body systems. We’ve been sharing our thinking and learning with one another through our Seesaw blogs. 

In English, we completed our Big Award for writing competition. This term’s focus was the most creative piece of writing. We worked hard to include adjectives and conjunctions in our writing to entice our readers! 

Last week we took great pride in sharing our art work with the school and our families at the Art Exhibition. The Year 1 children shared their structures artwork inspired by artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and James Rizzi. We have used different techniques and medias such as collage, splatter painting, painting with watercolours and using oil pastels. Through doing these different pieces of art we have learnt to develop our communication, self management, co-operation and resilience.

We wish you all a wonderful summer with your families and loved ones. Thank you for a wonderful year!

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