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What's Been Happening in Year 3

Primary Year 3

Wow! Is it really the last week of term?!...the school year?!...Year 3?! 

It certainly has been an amazing year of learning and at this time of year when we all reflect on what has been achieved, we begin to realise how much has taken place and how much we have grown in so many ways since this time last year.

Most recently, the students have had the most wonderful time creating truly stunning artwork as part of their Significant People unit. The artwork has been driven by the concepts of process, creativity and experimentation. We hoped you enjoyed viewing examples of it at the recent Art Exhibition.

It is always an emotional time as we say good byes - some until next year, but others may be a little more permanent as we sadly see Year 3 students move onto other countries and schools. We will all be sad to see these students go, but we wish them good luck - we know they will take a big piece of DBIS with them! 

Our recent Open Morning and Onwards and Upwards was a lovely opportunity to share this term’s learning and reflect on our experiences and achievements. It was wonderful to see you all there and have the opportunity to share this lovely experience with the children.

This week has also seen the Primary Awards ceremony. Congratulations to the award recipients and also to the nominees - some of whom were for awards that only had one winner for the whole of Years 1- 6. The Primary Choir and Strings Orchestra performed beautifully and it was lovely to see so many members of Year 3 in both groups - another great achievement and memory for all involved.

It has been a highly memorable year and we all wish you a wonderfully relaxing summer and look forward to seeing the children in the corridors and assemblies next year. Please don't forget us, we certainly won’t forget you! All the classes have helped make this year such a wonderful year to reflect on. 

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