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Secondary Science News

It has been a busy and successful start to the year in Secondary Science. We have been pleased to welcome two new teaching members of staff to the department and also our very first Year 13 A-Level cohort. We have celebrated the achievements of last years Year 11 students with some excellent IGCSE results in Science. Meanwhile the students from Year 7 to Year 13 have settled back into the full swing of school, with lots going on across all year groups.

The Secondary Science Department continues to grow this year with two new staff. We have welcomed Mr Nicolas Moore into the Science Department, who is teaching KS3 Science and Maths and A-Level and IGCSE Physics. We also have Dr Evan Murphy joining us as a full-time teacher, teaching Science with a specialism in Biology.

Over this first half term, Year 7 are beginning their Science journey by developing some investigation skills and learning to work safely in the laboratories through learning about Matter, Particles and Separating. Year 8 students will be looking at the concepts of Matter and Change as they explore acids, metals, materials and reactions and then at Systems, Structure & Function in the context of our bodies and how they work together to keep us healthy.

Year 9 topics act as a bridge between KS3 Science and the start of their IGCSE courses. They are currently looking at global food supplies with a focus on photosynthesis and plants as an international food resource. They are consolidating  and extending their KS3 knowledge and key skills, through some opportunities for student led investigation. This will give them a secure understanding and a developing skill set to ensure a successful start to the IGCSE courses. Our current Year 9 students will begin the IGCSE courses shortly after Chinese New Year in February this year.

Year 10 and Year 11 will be taught by three separate specialist teachers of Physics, Chemistry and Biology this year. They will be focusing on one subject at a time and rotating every fortnight. Both year groups have made a very impressive and positive  start to important exam years, having already completed their first subject topics.  Our very first Year 13 cohort have started their final year of study towards their A-Level exams positively, and it has been encouraging to see many graduating Year 11 opt to follow science subjects in Year 12.

This year we will be restarting the Year 5/6 STEM club in Term 2. We are also looking forward to being involved in the first school wide STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Week later in the year.

Finally, we wish to congratulate some excellent results achieved by last year’s students in their Science IGCSEs. Most importantly there were many examples of outstanding achievement from various students, with many exceeding their target grades significantly and showing excellent progress on the grades achieved in their Mock examinations; this is a true credit to their hard work and focus and we wish them all the best of luck for their next steps.


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