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Year 10 Newsletter

Year 10 has begun with a renewed vigour and work ethic as students settle into new GCSE subjects ranging from Computer Science to Media Studies and new GCSE content in core subjects English, Mathematics and Science.  

I have been hugely impressed and proud with the motivation and efforts students have shown so far in their attitude to learning and focus for achieving their goals. We have been buoyed by the excellent GCSE results current Year 12 students received just over a week ago and aim to continue the current trend of improved GCSE results with each cohort.

Below is a snapshot of the kind of learning Year 10 students have enjoyed during these past 4 weeks of GCSE study; GCSE Biology - Students learning about organisation of living organisms such as cell structure and function, osmosis and diffusion. 

GCSE Chemistry - Students learning about molecular structures in metals, compounds, liquids and gasses.

GCSE Physics - Students sharing learning about the equations of motion. 

GCSE Media Studies - Students developing their practical editing skills by creating their own horror genre scenes. 

GCSE Music - Students learning about music for the stage and screen, focusing in this lesson on Defying Gravity from Wicked.

GCSE Art - Students preparing sketches and research for their coursework. Each student has chosen their own topic ranging from food to nature and natural forms.

GCSE Drama - Students developing strong character work through emotive subjects such as relationships and bullying, as well as working on staging positions and techniques such as cross cutting scenes.

GCSE Design Technology - Students developing their skills for coursework through a project to design and make a credit card holder.

GCSE Computer Science - Students learning about computer coding functions and procedures in Python.

The next update from Year 10 will come from students themselves so I look forward to reading it myself and understanding more about life as a new GCSE student! 


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