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Secondary production

Secondary Drama

Lights, Camera, Action

This week the cast of Secondary Production have begun to prepare for our play ‘Lord of the Flies’ (directed by Ms Hurst and Ms MacDonald) and we are so thrilled to have not one, but two casts for our show! Parts have already been assigned and everyone is busy learning their lines and their cues, getting ready for the production of the play on the 29th and 30th of November and Miss Hurst and Miss McDonald are very excited!

A lovely addition to the play this year is the large backstage crew which we now have. This includes the Stage Management team, Prop Designers, Marketing team, Hair and Makeup artists, and more. All of which are made up of members of our own Secondary School community.
Everyone is working hard to make this show a brilliant and a memorable one! We are so proud of our amazing cast and are already looking forward to the performance.

Watch out for the promotional posters that will be going up around the School!

Written by Katie Keyes and Aoife McCarron


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