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What's Been Happening in Year 6

Primary Year 6

The students in Year 6 have certainly been rising to the challenges presented by their learning.

The Learning to Learn Discovery unit has certainly provided so many great opportunities for collaboration and thinking. The use of guiding questions has provided a focus for the enquiry into how we learn and the use of concepts have provided the students with opportunities for them to connect their learning and transfer it through various examples. This unit sets up the learning for the year and will continue to be a reference for many years to come.

It was a great opportunity for the students of Y6RM to present the first class assembly of the year to the rest of the school. The use of DBTV in a Learning to Learn context provided a great opportunity to teach the Primary School about the importance of Values and how they help form our Identity. Other important conceptual messages about Growth Mindset, Choices, Actions and Balance in our lives were also explored. Now, we are launching the learning into the new Discovery unit - ‘Should People Migrate?’. This will certainly prove to be a challenging and thought provoking conceptual unit of enquiry.

The students have also been very busy developing their persuasive letter writing skills as they select and prepare for the leadership opportunities on offer in Year 6. By Friday we will have Primary House Captains and Y6 Student Council Representatives in place. Other leadership jobs will follow in due course. Maths has provided some great opportunities for exploring number and place value. The development of key problem solving skills and mathematical reasoning has ensured that students can take their learning to a deeper level, so in turn they can transfer it to other real world contexts.

If you haven't already signed up to Seesaw - be sure to follow your child’s learning there -  emails were recently re-sent to explain the process. Also, be sure to interact with the Year 6 Twitter - @dbis_y6

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