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What's Been Happening in Year 5

Primary Year 5

Full Power, our brand new Discovery unit, has been introduced in Year 5 this week.

Lots of interesting discussions on what forms energy takes, how energy is created, the different ways in which we use energy and how our energy use has impact. What a start! As always, please continue to support your child’s learning in this area by helping them to become more aware about energy forms and their energy consumption.

Thank you to all the parents who volunteered their services to join us on our Castle Peak Power Station Trip, you will have received notification regarding this by now.

In English Year 5 have been reading and identifying key features of autobiographies. The students are note taking on important and interesting events in their lives which they will include in their ‘Hot Write’ next week. Look out for these exciting autobiographies!

The Writing Secrets that we’re focusing on through this writing genre include; writing in the first person, using past tense, using emotions for impact, reflecting on their lives and sharing hopes for the future.

We’ve also been discussing the autobiographies that we’ve read, and whose we would like to read. The students have been filling us in on  autobiographies that they’ve read by the likes of Marco Polo and Roald Dahl. Not to mention Mr Haines’s autobiography that highly entertained the children!

In Maths we’re completing our unit on place value. The students have been ordering numbers, interpreting negative numbers in context, finding square and cube numbers as well as identifying primes. We’re about to begin our new unit on addition and subtraction. Our Mathletics homework tasks provide extra support and practice on all areas of Maths covered in class.

In Learning for Life we’ve been discussing our Personal Goals. Our focus Personal Goal just now is Morality, we’ve been discussing instances when we have decisions to make where we could make right or wrong choices. We’ve looked at the tale of the ‘Boy who cried wolf’ and then the tale of the ‘Wolf who cried boy’.

We continue to focus on the Zones of Regulation in Year 5, the students are becoming quite adept at sharing strategies that they can employ to self regulate between the zones.

Thanks for all of your support,

The Year 5 Team

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