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Year 11 news

Secondary Year 11

The 2018 – 2019 Year 11 Students have hit the ground running…..

It has been fantastic to welcome the Year 11 students back to school after what I am sure was a restful yet productive summer holiday. There is no doubt that the forthcoming academic year will be challenging for all, but also enjoyable and ultimately highly rewarding. 

Following on from the Year 11 Parents’ information evening last week, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of the students commencing revision for the mock examinations immediately if they have not done so already. There are only 8 teaching weeks between now and the mock period therefore time is of the absolute essence. To support their preparations the students had a workshop with Elevate Education on study skills last week, and this week there is a session on well being with Clive Leach that should be of great benefit to them. 

Monday afternoon saw the final of the Inter House Quiz, with Lightning emerging victorious after a nail biting final round. A massive thank you to the House Captains – Hana Nicholson, Lovis-Cosima Michael, Giulia Wehry and Pihla Antila – for all their help in organising the quiz and encouraging the support of the participants. The House Captains will continue to be busy with the Swimming Gala coming up in early October and many other events to follow.

As a number of Year 11 lessons are taking place at the North Plaza, the students have adapted remarkably well to travelling between the two campuses and I thank them for their maturity in being so organised. The upcoming Week Without Walls provides another opportunity for the students to broaden their horizons, challenge themselves in new ways and develop skills outside of the classroom. The Year 11 students should be taking on leadership roles in this week, and I look forward to hearing of their successes afterwards. 

Kind regards
Darryl Hood
Science Teacher and Year Group Leader
Discovery Bay International School 

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