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Key Stage 3 Mathematics and an exciting new resource

In Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9) students have started the year working on Practical Mathematics. The unit consists of number facts and relationships, time, calculations using metal methods, estimating and checking, and fractions and percentages of amounts. The students have also started their large open projects on managing money. 

The Mathematics department is very proud of a new resource available to each Key Stage 3 student. The Mathematics Spreadsheet gives a detailed breakdown of everything a student needs for all 3 years. The spreadsheet includes the following:

  • What is being taught each cycle. 
  • A breakdown of when every unit is taught and exactly what content it covers.
  • When and what homework is expected to be completed for all 3 years.
  • A self-assessment section.
  • A target page.
  • A link to independent problem-solving tasks.
  • Extension Tasks (If students want to achieve the independent mark for their report they must look at this)
  • Finally a page with useful website links.

I thoroughly recommend that students, parents and carers familiarise themselves with the resource in order to help each student reach their true potential in Mathematics.

Here is a link to a blank versions but all students have an individual one.

Kind regards 

Adam Reid
Head of Mathematics
Discovery Bay International School.

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