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Learning Technologies

The word “wow!” became a buzz word amongst the DBIS community as our Discovery Lab opened its doors for the first time at the start of this term. 

In just a few weeks, the students have already begun to take ownership of this fantastic learning space, bringing their curiosity and wonderings to every lesson as they have explored a range of exciting new resources.

During the first week of lessons, Primary students were faced with the exciting decision of selecting a name for their new Learning Technologies classes. Students enjoyed finding out about a range of pioneers from the field of STEAM and as a class, voted for the name of the pioneer that would form their new class name. Click here to find out more about our class names and the pioneers who inspired them. Throughout the year, each class will learn more about their pioneer and the impact they have had on the development of our world.

Whilst learning how to use our new space and resources responsibly and safely, students across the Primary school have developed a wide range of skills.

Our recording studio has been a very popular feature of the Discovery Lab. Students across Y1 - 4 have worked with Mr Hill and Mrs Thondan to develop their understanding of green screen technology. They have had great fun creating a wide range of manipulated images. 

Some students have already tried their hands at engineering and have enjoyed developing some basic skills using our Makedo and Strawbees kits. We are looking forward to seeing what amazing creations might be made using these kits throughout the year.

Robotics will be a huge feature of the Discovery Lab this year. Students across all Primary classes have already had a chance to explore a range of robots, including Bluebot, Ozobot, Dash, Cue and Codey Rocky. The robots have been very popular and we know that they will feature heavily in lessons throughout the year as students will develop their coding skills and much more using these excellent resources. 

Students in Years 5 and 6 have spent the last 2 lessons creating promotional adverts for the Discovery Lab. While showing off their amazing IT skills, the students have also had the opportunity to highlight their favourite features of the lab.

A small group of Secondary students have formed a new class that now visit the Discovery Lab on a weekly basis. During their first 2 weeks, this group have had the opportunity to develop their understanding of patterns. We had great fun creating dance routines for our bluebot robots to follow and we used our neuron blocks to create our very own playable electric guitars which provided the music for our dancing robots.

Click here to view a range of photographs from our first few weeks in the Discovery Lab.

If you would like to follow your child’s progress in the Discovery Lab, please make sure you have connected with your child’s Seesaw portfolio.  Students will regularly share their amazing work with you through this portal.

Please follow us on our new Twitter account @DBIS_DLab  if you’d like an extra window into the Discovery Lab!

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