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Year 7 News

Secondary Year 7

Year 7 has had a great start to the school year where students are learning the value of being punctual, showing gratitude, demonstrating humility, being organised, developing independence, forming meaningful relationships and genuinely showing a love for their learning. 

There is an obvious anticipation in the air surrounding Week Without Walls and the many obstacles the Year 7 cohort will face throughout this challenging yet rewarding week. Students should be preparing themselves to be put outside of their comfort zones, making new social circles and testing their resolve.

Student learning is becoming extremely visible in different curriculum areas. In English they have had to produce a autobiography which is currently on show, conduct Science experiments involving separating mixtures, demonstrate efficient swimming techniques in Physical Education, create a cityscape of Hong Kong in Art and analyse their personal timetables in Mathematics through visual graphic representation.

As always, the Year 7 team are happy to provide you answers or discuss in more details any of the above information.

Year 7 team

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