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Secondary Humanities

In Year 13 Geography, we are currently learning about global interdependence.

This entails global trade (as well as organisations that help to support this), free trade and fair trade schemes, and debt & foreign aid. It is really interesting as I am able to learn about the workings of trade and relationships between countries, both historically and in recent years. In terms of fair trade, it exposes how lots of countries are still undergoing slavery and child labour in industries. Finally, debt and foreign aid reveal how countries are often tied to large superpowers and manipulated for their benefit. We will soon be learning about tourism, which I am looking forward to as I enjoy learning about how places are developed for tourist access.

In Year 13 media studies, we are currently working on our coursework. Our task is to make one short film and two smaller projects (a film website and postcard). Although we are only in the planning stages, it is quite exciting as we are able to brainstorm our ideas for the projects in ways that make them interconnected. Similarly, we are already analysing the different aspects of our ideas, which will make it far more interesting and fulfilling in the end when our short films have a lot of crafted meaning behind them. 

By Ashley Olsen

On Tuesday 11th September the Year 11 geography students visited the Hong Kong Observatory to develop our understanding in our previous topic, weather. We toured around the different rooms of the observatory and the weather instruments outside the building. The tour guide asked us questions on the uses and characteristics of the different instruments, which we were able to answer because it linked closely to our learning in class. We were also allowed to visit the inside of the studio, where we saw the green screen used to film the weather reports you see on TV. 

By Pihla Antila

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