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What's Been Happening in Year 5

Primary Year 5

It has been an exciting week in Year 5, thinking about sustainability and our place in our world.

Our two trips to the Castle Peak Power Station were very successful, with the children particularly enjoying the hands-on experiences in the galleries. It was great to see them marrying up their classroom learning with what happens at the station, as they witnessed the huge piles of coal, enormous electrical generators and chimneys which reached the sky! 'Thank you' must go to the ten parent volunteers who accompanied us on these trips. 

Back in class, we have been discussing and debating the pros and cons of different sources of energy, and making connections between this and our learning about sustainability.

With this in mind, our writing has focused on an issue which is important to each child, and they have produced persuasive letters to send to companies, encouraging them to improve an aspect of their sustainable production. It was heartening to read the passion that the children have for these issues: from encouraging sports companies to produce all their products from reused plastic and natural materials, to asking our local theme parks to reduce their waste from food and beverage outlets, the ideas were many and varied.

With a busy second half of term ahead, the children (and parents!) will be ready for their half-term holiday - from all the Year 5 team, we wish you a restful break. 


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