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What's Been Happening in Year 6

Primary Year 6

It has been a very exciting week for Year 6, as we embarked on our very own migration simulation experience.

This was a fantastic opportunity for children to take on the role of immigrant refugees, who had made the decision to migrate for a better life. The journey began with a hike up to the look out point, before children set up camp, collected resources and worked in teams to make suitable homes. UN Inspectors (kind parent volunteers) then inspected the camps to see whether they had worked effectively and bought suitable resources to sustain living in the migrant camp. The experience was thoroughly enjoyed by all, enriching the children's understanding of our discovery unit, Why do people migrate? 

In other news, we are currently completing our Big Award for Writing pieces, working on our persuasive techniques, writing to companies to encourage the use of sustainable materials and less packaging. This fits into our Sustainability Week theme, where children will enjoy listening to a number of guest speakers, about the issue.

Elsewhere, in Maths, we look forward to Friday, where we will be making our very own 'Hong Kong' maths videos, sharing the maths within our city, looking at a range of mathematical topics.

The Year 6 team would like to thank you all for your hard work in supporting the children with their learning, we hope you all have a relaxing half term - see you after the break! 

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