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What's Been Happening in Year 5

Primary Year 5

Year 5 have had an exceptionally exciting, and very busy, start to the second half of the term.

We started this week by building on last Friday’s Wellbeing Day and demonstrating our team building skills with some outside activities. This was brilliant timing as these skills were then put into practice throughout the week when supporting our friends at all of the sporting events! It was excellent to see Year 5 approaching these activities with maturity and kindness, respecting and supporting their friends around them. 

Back in the classroom, we have been looking at Information Reports in our writing and have delved into our knowledge of Discovery Bay to create some brilliant, factual reports. In Maths, we have been wrapping up our Addition and Subtraction topic and have been turning our focus to Multiplication and Division - any extra times tables practice at home would be highly appreciated! In Discovery, we have had a great time looking at how our learning on energy can be shown through Kinetic Art. 

We have also had some of our Year 5 buddy up with Year 2 for some reading time - thank you so much to these children for volunteering your time, it is such a great opportunity to help our community and form a new buddy!

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