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What's Been Happening in Year 4

Primary Year 4

Another fun week in Year 4!

The students have started their Visual Representation topic and have been learning about the different elements of art and how artists use these in their work. They have been thinking about how these elements add meaning and expression, and how to use them in the creation of their own art pieces. The classes are excited and are ready to be inspired during their trip to the White Cube Gallery and to the Tai Kwun art gallery this week.

In English, the students have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory and have been identifying the many ways Roald Dahl paints pictures with his words. The students have been gathering their own descriptive phrases, experimenting with alliteration, and creating their own similes and metaphors, in order to develop an entertaining character to place within the well-loved story. They have also been practising reading aloud with fluency and expression and have enjoyed some buddy reading time.

In Maths, the students have been consolidating their understanding of multiplication and division by using their knowledge to solve one and two-step word problems. They have also been focusing on using different units of measurements, so please encourage them to help you when cooking at home; measuring ingredients gives them practical experience and builds context. 

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